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Ayu-Ecoshop Partner Programe to Plant a Tree for every Transaction done through the Website

Indeed, you must be wondering by now how ayu eco-shop engage in purchasing of plant for every transaction you do trough their web-site and plant them under good care.

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Let us help you to solve your burning doubt.

1. As soon as the order is placed we will make sure that you receive your desired item/items without a delay. While the product is on the way, we will make sure that the dedicated plant purchased only for you through our prestigious local suppliers in Sri Lanka, like Thuru, and Reforest Sri Lanka. Please click the below link to visit their official Website..

2. Once we purchased the plant; our next mission is to find the ideal venue to grow the plant. Well, Sri Lanka is a tropical country surrounded by the gigantic Indian ocean and unlike other countries in the world, Sri Lanka soil is capable of giving sufficient nourishment to juvenile plants instantly and develop the roots of young trees. However, we have decided that we need to get some expert support to find the correct location and do our planting hence we have decided to join with reforest Sri Lanka Team to meet above demands; therefore, we now know that plant is under the correct supervision to find it's ideal location to start a new journey. 


 Photo by Chelsea Bock on Unsplash

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