Rebirth of Mother-nature with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Rebirth of Mother-nature with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

While people were busy with their numbers in their bank accounts and their next breathtaking digital devices, Mother-nature was never let them down assuming they will look after her after sometimes; however she was still kind enough to give her breath through Oxygen and natural resources to build humans' emperors until 2020.  

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At the beginning of 2020, it was assumed novel Coronavirus is something similar to the ordinary flu but it was not, since it has become a pandemic after decades, and the virus scattered almost all the continents accounting more than 201,440,998 deaths at the time of writing this article, while having more than 2.5 million patients. Indeed, nobody wants to see the collapse of human beings except one, which is MOTHER-NATURE. You may disagree with me but we need to accept that we lost the game against mother-nature as it determined people to get isolated, distancing from each other, restricting travel across countries, shutting down countries, stopping the operations of polluting factories and eventually to pause the Earth's operations.

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Consequently, people realized that they were wrong since countries were fighting to have the largest army and economies in the world but could not fight against an invisible virus that can damage the survival of human beings. Simultaneously, people have started to think about being nature friendly because they have experienced immense changes in their surroundings and atmospheres. As a result of shutting down many countries, the Ozone layer was tremendously recovered. Similarly, air quality was significantly improved while wild animals started to come from the forest since they do not hear any interrupting sounds and smokes from the cities. Obviously, nature has won and warned the humans not to go against her. Definitely, humans will overcome this pandemic with a vaccine and medications, thus it may take time as it mutates inside human bodies and the effect varies from person to person.

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Earth has not stopped its revenge on us for the harm we did for her because it is even unimaginable. At the time of writing this article, the pandemic is not over but it will be end soon due to vigorous researches carrying out by scientists around the world. However there are humongous questions lie in front of us like, when is the next pandemic wave, should we invest only on things that have the monetary benefits, are we looking after our mother nature well, and many more. I feel pretty proud of mother -nature since she sent a warning signal in 2020, people to become more nature friendly since humans realized that money is not everything we need to worry but being nature friendly too. I must not be over the moon about COVID-19 but the positive vibe emerged towards nature has exponentially increased and will continue for the next few generations. We must not forget that unless we are cautious with mother-nature next pandemic wave will create the doomsday. At last, Coronavirus helps Mother-Nature to have a rebirth and I believe this will last for a foreseeable future. Remember, still, there is no planet B!! Love mother-nature by being nature friendly. Long live mother Earth..... 

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